Our Lemon and Lime Juice Powders have the highest yields on the market, we have invested in a processing facility that allows us to control quality and acidity levels as well as a consistent quality to deliver to you the same product every single time.

Our natural  powders are not concentrate juice and are widely used as a substitute to natural lemon or lime juice, with a wide array of benefits for your operation like better portion control, reduced costs, standardized flavor, reduced waste disposal, better inventory control, easy storage all of this with a 2 year shelf life.

We offer 3 different lemon / lime powders:

Type A: Use when recipes call for fresh lemon juice

Type B: When recipes call for lemon juice with lemon zest

Type C: Reconstituted lemon or lime juice is ideal for restaurants, bartenders and food processors

Our Lemon / Lime Powder

Zahlawi Lemon & Lime Juice Powder